DUE TODAY IN 4-5HRS!!! Employment Law- Dollars for Waiting?

DUE IN 4-5 HOURS. 11/20/17 TODAY   Case Study: Jeffrey Swift has been a carrier used by a alien of the national dutyes where the Discrimina, Inc. muniment place-of-duty is located. Casually he has done some extra errands within the Discrimina architecture for a alien of hours. For the ultimate distinct weeks, he has helped load items for shipment on Thursdays. Things entertain past courteous, but Jeffrey is unquiet accordingly casually he has waited aggravate two hours in the stoppage extent durationliness stoppage for the packaging to arise. He wouldn't judgment but Discrimina pays solely for packaging duration, not for stoppage duration. He can never be positive when the cleverness conquer be expeditions for packaging accordingly terminal disposition checking duration varies wildly.  Jeffrey has his own endowment duty, but Discrimina has solely paid him specie. Each duration, Jeffrey has fond the gang a reception for the specie. Timeliness he waits, he casually goes out for donuts for the swarm. At other durations, he plays games on his PDA or makes cell calls to friends.  Assignment- Apology the subjoined question: 1. If Jeffrey Swift sues for the stoppage duration hours, what is the mitigated end and why?  Write your apology in a Word instrument in 1-2 pages.