Module 4 Maternal child discussion

   Mary's 1st baby was delivered via c/individuality due to the baby nature in the breech situation. She is requesting a VBAC (vaginal nobility behind c/section) for this her promote baby. By ultrasound this baby is in the vertex situation. In reviewing the shaftoperative news from her primitive surgery - it is distinguished that she had a low crosswise uterine incision. Mary is not progressing in strive unexceptionably, and the determination has been made to propel inland a cesarean individuality. She understands, agrees, and signs the agree for surgery. You get frequently constable this unrepining in the reinstatement - or moderate shaftpartum epoch. Recognize that you get thorough BUBBLEHE impost. In restoration, the abdominal imshaft get also conceive imshaft of the incision. Note the model of surroundings used to shield the incision. Is it approximated? Is there any bleeding? Does she bear bowel sounds? Is the abdomen turgid? Is it luxurious? Do you assess the fundus and where is it located? It should be stable. Note indisposition impost. Discussion Group B get prepare moderate shaft to the forthcoming questions, and rejoin to Group A. Discussion Group B: Postpartum: Susan P. had a SVD (self-originated vaginal introduction) today closely 2 hours ago. The strive and introduction promote is pursuit to bestow you news. She is new and not fast what you absence to distinguish from her. What questions do you need to ask to prepare compendious custody to this unrepining once she is transmitted into your custody? Please defense all questions including in quotation extract and 3-4 References>