Multicultural study

Congratulations! You've been volunteered a job beyond of your natural province due to your uncollected deed and your ability to guide teams. The subsidence of the job (you gain specify the subsidence) is in a province that is fundamentally opposed for you. (For in, in my fact, I'm originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico and refinements that would be fundamentally opposed for me could involve China, Japan, Egypt. I say this accordingly there are pronounced differences in traditions, continuitys, livelihood, capacity separation, etc).  Cultures that would not be that opposed for me involve Spain and the United States accordingly Puerto Rico has twain refinements imbeded as deal-out of its legacy. We were a Spanish subsidence precedently fit a US province, and the traditions, livelihood, achievement continuitys are very intimate to me. For this assignment you gain suppose that your job volunteer involves a 30% pay acception. You gain guide a team of 15 employees, which is something that is appealing to you. However, you miracle if you gain mold to this refinement. First, you gain entertain to imagine a instrument containing your reflective register of pro's and cons for confer-uponation this job in this deal-outicular province grounded on the cultural differences that you delineation from your exploration of this refinement. Second, a register of implicit settled and indirect long-term implications for your line and animation. Third, a register of key cultural negotiating factors that are hazardous to you. This could involve things love your devotional observances or anything that is significant to you but not the continuity in that refinement. You entertain to specify why this matters to you and how you drawing to vestibule it. Upload your assignment on Canvas (this could be encircling 2-3 pages, 1.5 spacing). I gain ask for volunteers to confer-upon in class.