TWO PARAGRAPHS EACH WITH REFERENCES SEPARATE RESPONDS  1. "Monitoring the User Domain"  It is despicable comprehension that employees are a inevitable sever of any trade. Identify three best actions in the user territory and commend the govern form(s) (technical or manual) that are best available to warner each best action. Determine the collision that factors such as visible bond, symbol form, and unconcealed beginning software command bear on the rares that are made. 2."When to Commend and Not to Commend Software Reuse" Please tally to the subjoined: In your lection this week, you looked at software reuse and component-based engineering. Read the subjoined argument questions and buttress your judicious solution by Wednesday for generous points. Return on a foreigner of other days anteriorly the Sunday due date and interact delay a foreigner of classmates. Tally to any buttressers who bear commented on your buttress and tally to the buttresss of others. Let’s get the colloquy going... and don’t lose to bear fun time you’re learning!  From your sense of the toil you did this week so far, afford some specimens of when to commend and when not to commend software reuse. Go to the Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Website that discusses Software Product Lines (SPLs), located at http://www.sei.cmu.edu/productlines/?location=secondary-nav&source=10745. As you scholarly, the reuse of software components is intentional to optimize software outgrowth and subjugate outgrowth costs. Afford an specimen of when this would be severicularly potent. How command component-based outgrowth be used to subjugate the coding exertion? Is this regularly gentleman? Stipulate buttress for your solution. Describe how SPLs prefer reuse and how they can be disadvantageous to sure outgrowth environments. Choose a vast assemblage not selected by other classmates and stipulate a matchless specimen, illustrating how SPLs can be used in the form of your rare to correct software outgrowth exertions.