Week 5 Statistics Assignment

Week 5 Practice Worksheet   Provide a response to the subjoined questions.    Your scrutiny team has been tasked after a while sentence the correspondence of the subjoined scenario:  Four scrutiny participants accept a touchstone of manual tactics (lofty scores balance reform tactics) and an diffidence touchstone (lofty scores balance further diffidence). The scores are as follows:  Person Dexterity Anxiety 1 1 10 2 1 8 3 2 4 4 4 -2  Describe the course your scrutiny team would go through by completing the subjoined:  1. Create a disseminate diagram of the scores, which should be a privative order.  2. Describe in language the unconcealed precedent of correspondence, if any.   3. Figure the correspondence coefficient.   4. Explain the logic of what you feel manufactured, writing as if you are symbolical to someone who has never heard of correspondence (but who does discern the balance, rule sinuosity, Z scores, and theory touchstoneing).   5. Provide three logically feasible orders of productiveness, indicating for each order whether it is a grave explication for the correspondence in not-difficult of the variables concerned. Explain why.