Cost of Living The City of St. Albans has a unionized police sinew that is future up for a abridge operation. The police bear one issue: the require of prop increases. During the departed 10 years, police officers bear ordinary minimal require of prop increases, and this duration they deficiency to equal what other police sinews are making. They right that their salaries are underneath the common roll. The infuture new police commission earns a stipend of $48,200. Using the websites granted in the Course Materials Recommended Resources minority, qualify postulates and an topic on interest of the police officers to prop their standing (from textbook). This assignment procure be written as a PowerPoint slide pretence gift (PowerPoint Tips (Links to an manifest birth.)). Approach it as if you are giving the gift to governing table of the City of Albans. You are trying to convince the table that the police officers scarcity a construct. Your offer should be: 8-10 agency summit slides The silence minority of the slides should be used to clear-up the slides. At latest two modern and likely sources in enumeration to the textbook must be used. All sources must be cited using APA formatting. Charts, tables, graphs, etc., may be used. The original slide should be a name slide. The latest slide should be a regard inventory.