Chapter 3 the Marketing Environment

GENERAL CONTENT: Multiple-Choice Questions 1. The most commercially controlling demographic cluster in truth is _____. a. Generation X b. baby boomers c. Generation Y d. seniors e. infants (Answer: b; p. 70; Easy) 1. All of the clusters among a gang are designated the _____. a. humanization b. variation c. inside environment d. clime e. stroll (Answer: c; p. 66; Moderate) 2. Which of the forthcoming do suppliers not supply bargainers among your established? a. Resources to use products and labors. b. Insight into deviates and competitors. c. Partners in creating and delivering customer treasure. . The funding for your paychecks. e. B and C (Answer: d; p. 67; Moderate) 3. Which of these establisheds succor companies to supply and actuate consequence from their apexs of commencement to their end? a. Financial intermediaries. b. Corporeal division establisheds. c. Marketing labor establisheds. d. Resellers. e. Modified rebuyers. (Answer: b; p. 67; Easy) 4. Banks, merit companies, prophylactic companies, and other transactiones that succor finance transactions or guarantee despite the risks associated after a while the buying and selling of consequence and labors are referred to as _____. a. financial intermediaries b. corporeal division establisheds c. arketing labor agencies d. resellers e. wholesalers (Answer: a; p. 67; Moderate) 5. Percy Original caters to a bargain of populace and households that buys consequence and labors for singular decrease. What do we circumvent this bargain? a. Business. b. Reseller. c. Government. d. Consumer. e. Marketing intermediary. (Answer: d; p. 67; Easy) 6. What is the designate of the bargain that buys consequence and labors for advance waying or for use in the genesis way? a. Business. b. Reseller. c. Wholesale. d. Consumer. e. Retail. (Answer: a; p. 67; Easy) 7. Rachel Patino labors for a wholesale gang designated Distributors Unlimited. She is binding for buying and selling consequence at a use to narrow retailers. What is her bargain? a. Business. b. Reseller. c. Wholesale. d. Consumer. e. Retail. (Answer: b; p. 67; Moderate) 8. A gang’s bargaining environment conceives divergent _____ that consists of any cluster that has an objective or undeveloped attention in, or collision on, an form’s jurisdiction to close its objectives. a. teams b. audiences c. bargains d. unconcealeds e. intermediaries (Answer: d; p. 68; Moderate) 9. This image of unconcealed is a radio place that carries intelligence, features, and editorial opinions encircling your area. What is it? a. Financial. b. Media. c. Citizen-action. . Local. e. Regional. (Answer: b; p. 68; Easy) 10. A consumer form, environmental cluster, or boy cluster bear challenged your established’s be on a topical posterity. This is the _____ unconcealed. a. unconcealed b. topical c. empire d. citizen-action e. media (Answer: d; p. 68; Challenging) 11. Your bargaining environment is presently inquirying the dimension, blindness, location, age, and possessions of your target bargain. What is this environment? a. Demographic. b. Psychographic. c. VALS. d. Geographic. e. Product use. (Answer: a; p. 69; Moderate) 12. Statisticians bear calculated the globe’s population to grasp _____ billion by the year 2030. . 6. 5 b. 6. 9 c. 7. 5 d. 7. 9 e. 8. 1 (Answer: e; p. 69; Easy) 13. The three extensivest age clusters in America are the baby boomers, Generation X, and _____. a. seniors b. Generation Y c. teens d. toddlers e. infants (Answer: b; p. 70; Moderate) 14. You dissect coupons to complete special in America. Sooner or succeeding, you succeed grasp all _____ darling populace in this state. a. 267 b. 277 c. 287 d. 296 e. 297 (Answer: d; p. 70; Easy) 15. Inquiry has shown that the most relevant demographic deviate in the United States is the _____. a. changing age constitution of the population b. restlessness of populace c. slowing race admonishs d. ncrease in administrative jobs e. aging population (Answer: a; p. 70; Moderate) 16. Some baby boomers are referred to as “DINKs. ” What does this be for? a. Dependeffectual avowance, no-kids alien. b. Don’t labor, quick, no-kicks. c. Dual-income, no-kids alien. d. Doing it and not penetrating. e. None of the overhead. (Answer: c; p. 70; Easy) 17. Baby boomers were born between the years 1946 and _____. a. 1954 b. 1960 c. 1964 d. 1970 e. 1980 (Answer: c; p. 70; Easy) 18. This demographic age cluster is approaching animation after a while a new stjurisdiction and wisdom in the way they speed, gard, eat, and bestow. They are _____. a. Generation X . Generation Y c. baby busters d. baby boomers e. teenagers (Answer: d; p. 71; Easy) 19. Which cluster conceives polished administratives that mitigated select an berth to a house in the precincts? a. Generation X. b. Generation Y. c. Baby boomers. d. Baby busters. e. All of the overhead. (Answer: a; pp. 71–72; Easy) 20. This cluster shares new cultural concerns, cares encircling the environment, and responds favorably to politically binding companies. Who are they? a. Generation X. b. Generation Y. c. Generation Z. d. Baby boomers. e. Teenagers. (Answer: a; p. 71; Challenging) 21. Who are the repetition boomers? a. Generation X. b. Generation Y. c. Generation Z. d. Baby boomers. e. Baby busters. (Answer: b; p. 72; Moderate) 22. This cluster has generated extensive kid and teen bargains. Who are they? a. Generation X. b. Generation Y. c. Generation Z. d. Baby boomers. e. The Elderly. (Answer: b; p. 72; Easy) 23. Recently you peruse a bargaining inquiry declaration that mentioned _____ has (have) entire fluency and self-satisfaction after a while computer, digital, and Internet technology. a. Generation X b. Generation Y c. the elderly d. preschool consequence e. baby boomers (Answer: b; p. 72; Moderate) 24. Defining populace by their race determination may be hither serviceeffectual than segmenting them by their _____ or _____. a. ncome; possession b. animationstyle; possession c. animationstyle; animation rank d. possession; animation rank e. gender; sexual selectence (Answer: c; p. 74; Challenging) 25. It is attentioning to hush that encircling _____ percent of American households comprehend married aliens after a while consequence. a. 24 b. 28 c. 32 d. 34 e. 41 (Answer: d; p. 75; Moderate) 26. The three clusters of baby boomers conceive redundant, _____, and grafting. a. kernel b. unconcealed c. inferior d. convenient e. primitive (Answer: a; p. 74; Moderate) 27. _____ households are now growing faster than _____ households. a. Traditional; nontransmitted b. Large; transmitted c. Nontraditional; narrower d. Nontraditional; transmitted e. Male-dominant; female-dominant (Answer: d; p. 74; Moderate) 28. In 1950, women made up 30 percent of the laborforce; now they effect up _____. a. 35 percent b. 40 percent c. 43 percent d. 46 percent e. 60 percent (Answer: e; p. 74; Moderate) 29. Americans are very movable. Over the late two decades, the U. S. population has shifted inside the _____ states. a. Midwest b. Western c. Sunbelt d. Southeastern e. New England (Answer: c; p. 75; Easy) 30. Among abandoned regions, the population is emotional from extensive cities to ______. a. farming communities b. sylvan areas c. extraneous countries d. precincts e. coastal towns Answer: d; p. 75; Moderate) 31. Nearly 40 darling Americans are laboring out of their abodes after a while electronic conveniences. They are designated the _____ bargain. a. telecommuters b. SOHO c. moveffectual d. labor-at-abode e. idle (Answer: b; p. 75; Challenging) 32. Population shifts attention bargainers owing populace in divergent regions _____ divergently. a. eat b. gard c. buy d. act e. all of the overhead (Answer: c; p. 75; Easy) 33. The Facts For You inquiry established has righteous released a declaration that one of these clusters of laborers has decomposed during the conclusive 20 years. Which one is it? a. White collar. b. Blue collar. c. Service. d. Unemployed. e. Restaurant employees. (Answer: b; p. 76; Moderate) 34. Marketers absence to understand that almost completeone in this state is a proper. Which state is it? a. China. b. Bolivia. c. Japan. d. Korea. e. The United States. (Answer: c; p. 76; Easy) 35. Owing of increased _____, Americans succeed require higher kind products, books, magazines, expedition, singular computers, and Internet labors. a. avowance b. origin dimension c. advice d. political adjust apprisedness e. none of the overhead (Answer: c; p. 76; Easy) 36. It is relevant for bargainers to understand that the _____ population enlargement is 12 durations greater than the Caucasian enlargement admonish. a. Hipic b. boy . Asian d. African American e. Pacific Islander (Answer: b; p. 77; Challenging) 37. Most extensive companies understand they must now target chiefly calculated _____ and _____ to ethnic clusters in the United States. a. advertising; labors b. labors; promotions c. products; promotions d. labors; labeling e. TV commercials; intelligencepaper ads (Answer: c; p. 77; Moderate) 38. Which members of this cluster are over mitigated than the unconcealed population to bear administrative jobs, own a holiday abode, own a hushbook computer, and own idiosyncratic supplys? a. Yuppies. b. Gays and lesbians. c. Baby boomers. d. Repetition boomers. e. Environmentalists. (Answer: b; p. 7; Challenging) 39. This cluster of Americans totals 54 darling. Who are they? a. Baby boomers. b. Populace born in American. c. Populace after a while disabilities. d. Populace after a while extraneous-born parents. e. None of the overhead. (Answer: c; p. 78; Moderate) 40. The _____ environment consists of truthors that concern consumer purchasing jurisdiction and bestowing patterns. a. political-cultural b. political-legal c. technological d. economic e. cosmical (Answer: d; p. 79; Easy) 41. Marketers would do well-mannered-mannered to obtain?} mark of the truth that this cluster is partially scrupulous encircling its bestowing but can quiet administer the cheerful animation some of the duration. Who are they? a. Lower adjust. . Lower-middle adjust. c. Middle adjust. d. Upper adjust. e. Lower-upper adjust. (Answer: c; pp. 78–79; Easy) 42. The cluster of expenses that use up most household avowance are _____. a. patronage, housing, privacy planning b. housing, prophylactic, taxes c. patronage, housing, gait d. housing, taxes, gait e. patronage, expedition, electronics (Answer: c; p. 79; Moderate) 43. Ernst Engel’s laws unconcealedly bear been protected by fresh studies. He discovered that as origin avowance rises, the percentage departed on _____ declines and the percentage departed on _____ sweepings encircling trustworthy. a. patronage; dress b. dress; recreation/entertainment c. ood; gait d. patronage; housing e. recreation/entertainment; privacy planning (Answer: d; p. 80; Challenging) 44. One of the superior concerns for bargainers encircling the cosmical environment is the _____. a. compute of protestors despite perversion b. shortages of raw symbolicals c. increases in recycling d. offshore oil investigation e. none of the overhead (Answer: b; p. 80; Easy) 45. The cosmical resources that are absenceed as inputs by bargainers or that are careful by bargaining activities are referred to as the _____. a. raw symbolical bargain b. cosmical environment c. endangered environment d. unseasoned actuatement e. truthors of genesis (Answer: b; p. 0; Easy) 46. As a bargainer of pesticides, you should be careful encircling all of the forthcoming cosmical environment deviates mentioned in your extract exclude _____. a. shortages of raw symbolicals b. increased taint c. increased empire insinuation d. empire subsidies e. increased aculeated rain (Answer: d; p. 81; Challenging) 47. What actuatement has spawned the bargainer’s apprisedness of environmentally sustaineffectual strategies? a. EPA. b. Black bargain. c. Unseasoned actuatement. d. Deregulation. e. Unseasoned insinuation. (Answer: c; p. 81; Moderate) 48. Which of the forthcoming represents the most melomelodramatic security shaping a bargainer’s lot? a. Technological environment. b. Cosmical environment. c. Legal-political environment. d. Deregulation. e. Partnership bargaining. (Answer: a; p. 81; Easy) 49. New technologies generate new opportunities and new _____. a. products b. labors c. bargains d. resources of financing purchases e. headaches (Answer: c; p. 82; Moderate) 50. Which state leads the globe in inquiry and product bestowing? a. England. b. Germany. c. Sweden. d. Japan. e. The United States. (Answer: e; p. 84; Moderate) 51. Marketers are apprised of laws, empire agencies, and urgency clusters that govern or period divergent forms and populace in a abandoned intercourse. Not barely are the baby boomers wealthier, which has mitigated governd deviates in the lake area, but the population is emend educated that has avowed populace to require over from the bargain. (p. 70; Moderate) 162. Among some of the older patrons of The Landing was indirect colloquy encircling Casey’s converting his transaction into a bar. What are two samples of political calling that Casey could comprise in an exertion to offset that negativity? Casey could sponsor topical ball teams, for sample, or he could co-operate to or succor after a while the Witmer Lake Enhancement Committee. p. 85; Moderate) 163. What potential shifts in cultural treasures may uninterruptedly intermittently collision Casey’s sidearm at The Landing? Casey succeed mitigated abide to trace selectences of the baby boomers owing this population cluster has been the primitive driver of his transaction. As over baby boomers retreat and age and prefer to bestow over duration after a while grandchildren, animation at the lake may intermittently grace a focal apex in the baby boomers’ speeds. (p. 87; Challenging) 164. What present characteristics of Casey’s transaction evidence that we bear actuated from a “me intercourse” to a “we intercourse”? The Landing is now barely forthcoming as a bar evidences that over populace absence to “be after a while others,” as the extract evidences. (p. 88; Challenging) 165. What command avow Casey Brickly to now obtain?} a over proactive stance in responding to the bargaining environment? Casey has owned The Landing for over than lewd decades; for-this-reason, he may bear a over accidental understanding of how to traffic after a while his bargain. In restitution, he understands who his primitive customers bear been; for-this-reason, he could be effectual to emend foreshadow their selectences. (p. 90; Moderate)