For this assignment, revisal the three video confabulations comparing strengths and limitations of confabulationer and confabulationee skills in this week’s Learning Resources. Based on what you learn in your Weekly Learning Resources, deem how confabulationing techniques could be used to confabulation a special you command be careful in confabulationing. After learning your resources this week, cause a schedule of doubts and influence an confabulation after a while a source constituent or a adherent. Take notes on the responses dedicated by the confabulationee. Do not yield the confabulationee’s responses. You must, thus-far, stir the responses in direct to thorough the assignment.  The Assignment (1–2 pages)  •Submit the schedule of confabulation doubts you open. Be assured to overlook any confabulationee responses. •Explain the aim of each doubt •Based on the confabulationee’s responses, decipher whether or not the doubts were interpreted by the confabulationee as you prepared them to be interpreted  •Explain any revisions you may compel to the confabulationing doubts to compel them clearer and more serviceable. If no revisions are essential, decipher why. •Explain any confabulation techniques you used during the confabulation and decipher whether or not they were serviceable Apa format  Due 8:00pm est