Overview: Initial Reflection Journal (How does this course connect to your goals) Welcome to the week 1 reflection journal. Throughout the course you will reflect on your weekly research experience and make connections to previous learning as well as the

Overview: Initial Meditation Register (How does this route associate to your designs) Welcome to the week 1 meditation register. Throughout the route you accomplish ponder on your weekly inquiry test and effect associateions to prior tuition as well-behaved-behaved as the university tuition outcomes. Grantham University Tuition Outcomes ·  Communication  ·  Respect for Diversity ·  Lifelong Learning  ·  Social, Ethical and Professional Responsibility Directions: Please tally to all the subjoined items in your meditation register. ·  What is your original history design?  Why did you determine to go to school?  What do you insufficiency from your school teaching? ·  Describe a favoring assignment, introduction, or purpose you producted on in the gone-by that recognized you to clear the University Tuition Objectives that are listed overhead?  ·  Which of the skills listed in the Grantham University Tuition Outcomes do you move you scarcity to product on the most?  Which of the Grantham University Tuition Outcomes do you move is your highest power? ·  Describe how do you see benefit tuition or nationality benefit assistant you use your powers and ameliorate your weaknesses?   ·  Describe at last one potential detriment you agency accept in inquirying your form?   ·  How accomplish you overpower this detriment to give a just sight of the form?  ·  Write down at last one doubt you accept about your form, your inquiry purpose, or this route in open.