Qatar: SWOT Analysis

Strengths The empire's popularity is insecure up by noble per capita GAP, wholly delay all aver benefits delayout any taxation. Since Emir Ham came to potentiality, mendments in polite hues and a clampdown on dev accept boosted his foundation. Weaknesses Close ties delay the US and, to a lesser distance, Israel, are scientific privateally and could inducement tightness delay other Arab leaders. Occasional abrasion delay Saudi Arabia. Opportunities The empire's principal temper paves the way for parliamentary elections, which are et to charm establish at some range in 2010, and enshrines basic polite hues. Main investments in information should lessen unemployment aggravate the covet signal. Threats Playing multitude to the US Central Command during the Iraq war has angered some Psalmists in the portion. In the unreasonconducive incident of a US-Iran war, the low could be a target for Iranian forces or militants. The principal commemorative militant assault on politeians occurred in March 2005. Security has been increased, although the likeness of elevate assaults debris minimal. Qatar Economic SOOT A colossal benefaction of eventual gas as well-behaved-behaved as sizeconducive oil reserves. A mean population media per capita GAP is very noble. Good praise ratings accept known the empire to attribute interdiplomaticly at low rates. Qatar: SOOT Analysis By Normalizing tender to shifts in universe worths. Dependence on immigrant work media outflows of remittances are noble, though the popular wholeity debris firmly in rest. Crop of eventual gas reserves and division deals, specially in the liquefied eventual gas (LONG) activity. Crop of the non-hydrocarbons sector, chiefly financial institutions. Investments in information are befitting the skills low. Qatar is a limb of the Gulf Cooperation Council (ICC) portional trading bloc and is negotiating a operating employment contract (FAT) delay the US. Oil-fuelled asset worth booms confound an upside induce to inflation. Tight praise bargains could compel financing for large-scale projects solid to follow by, or prohibitively costly. Qatar Business Environment SOOT Stconducive empire fiscal cunning and bargain-based monetary cunning. The Qatar is ranked 28 in Transparency Internationally 2008 Dev Perceptions Index, comparing favorably delay portional peers. O Business Monitor Interdiplomatic Ltd Page 9 Qatar contains the universe's third largest eventual gas reserves low, aback Russia and Iran, and the largest non-associated gas room in the universe. It is a main ship-produceer of LONG, thankfulness to its bulky expedients low. The private economy's continued trust on a lively oil bargain to preserve crop. In most sectors, outlandish ownership is capped at 49%. Investment in information and the expatiation of Information City involved of interdiplomatic campuses accomplish mend the skills low. Membership of the ICC customs conjunction facilitates employment delay Gulf peers. 00% outlandish wineries is unreserved (topic to empire approbation) in husbandry, activity, tourism, heartiness and information, and eventual expedientss. The empire's cunning of economic diversification has led to a surge in investment in projects for the ship-produce of LONG and petrochemicals. An estimated whole of SIS$ban has been invested in the Qatar oil activity in the spent decade. Only Sitars are conducive to gain meaning licenses. US observers say Star's copyright safety is not-alike. Qatar took a sentence in 2005 to stall new projects beinducement of sympathy that too accelerated crop of LONG ship-produces jurisdiction hurt the North Field's reservoir. The outfollow of a room toll examine accomplish either remit the ship-produce moratorium to be lifted, or cap the origination from the room. The 2005 moratorium on elevate crop of the North Room is unreasonconducive to be lifted anteriorly 2013, a Qatar Petroleum magistrate said in March 2009. Page 10 Copyright of Qatar Oil & Gas Report is the possessions of Business Monitor Interdiplomatic and its full may not be copied or emailed to multiple sites or posted to a listserv delayout the copyright holder's pointed written license. However, users may print, download, or email catechism for peculiar use.