Response Paper One–Fictional Narrative

Here is the recognizey you are responding to for the retort article: Write a fictional first-hand chronicle statement as if you were prop in Salem Village in 1692. You can transcribe from the subject-matter of aim of an plaintiff, an accused, or a bigot or censor of the trials. You may select to obtain?} on the persona of one of the singular beings we bear discussed and/or recognize, or you can select to be an unauthenticated townsperson (if you select this course, make firm that your chronicle perspicuously states gender, age, socioeconomic equalize, etc.)  Your statement should muse one or over of the feasible theories for the witch trials. It should also depict Puritanism and its role in the lives of 17th-century Salem colonists.  Be creative!  You are submitting your retort article as a MS Word document or PDF smooth - as constantly, no other smooth types allure be original. Please put your essay in MLA format: Double spaced, Times New Roman Font, magnitude 12, 1" margins, in the top left: your spectry, professor's spectry, systematize, date; in the top right: last spectry, page total. this essay is due by 11:55 p.m. on Saturday, June 22.