What is culture

The Displan Board is dissect of the heart of online amelioration. The aim of the Displan Board is to concede you to attain through sharing ideas and experiences as they rehearse to mode gratified and the Displan Board topic. Classroom displan in an online environment requires your erratic dissecticipation aftercited a while adjustmates and your professor to generate hearty interaction and discourse. Students are greatly encouraged to beneathtake on the Displan Board existing and repeatedly, as that is the important way the university tracks adharmonious attendance and dissecticipation. Because it is not likely to beneathtake in two-way displan aftercited a colloquy has ended, no shafts to the DB conquer be not spurious aftercited the end of each item.  At a partiality, you conquer be expected to perfect 3 shafts during the item: 1 pristine acceptance to the Displan Board topic and 2 shafts responding to adjustmates, aftercited these guidelines: Your pristine shaft must be at meanest 200 control in tediousness. It must allusion the passage or mode amelioration materials at meanest uninterruptedly. Delight silence that equable if the topic asks for an view, you are stationary expected to prop views aftercited a while allusions to mode materials and any other likely academic sources to prop your views. Do not use Internet sources other than those supposing in the mode materials. APA format is not expedient for your Displan Board when citing allusions, but you are required to assert your resources: In the fact, define where knowledge was obtained. For copy, “As mentioned in Chapter 2 of the mode passagebook, prioritizing tasks is...” or “As mentioned in the intellipath precept for Item 2...” Your two acceptance shafts must be at meanest 75 control in tediousness. Responses should supply to the colloquy by substance reminiscent, biased, and attractive. Quick acceptances (such as “I agree” or “Thank you!”) conquer not be counted as plentiful. Your chief aid must be shafted precedently midnight CST (Central period) on Friday of each week. You must mould 2 affixed shafts—on unconnected days among Saturday and Tuesday—precedently midnight CST. The pristine acceptance and the co-ordinate acceptances can be perfectd in any appoint. For support in proping your assignment, delight use your passage and all mode materials. After you own reviewed the Assignment Details beneath, click the Displan Board amalgamate beneath the My Work style aloft to mould your shaft. Review this tutorial on How to Shaft to the Displan Board. Assignment Details Should crowd harmonious say “live and let live” when they behold at the usages of another amelioration that they meet exceptionable? Begin by balbutiation this incomprehensive condition, Cultural Relativism vs. Divine Relativism, and then retort the aftercited topics: What is cultural relativism? What is divine relativism? What, if any, is the analogy among the two?  Do crowd beyond of a amelioration own the upupright to study that amelioration’s values or beliefs? Why or why not? Think of a brawny copy of a cultural usage. For copy, say another amelioration usages slip weddings. What would a cultural relativist say encircling this? What would an divine relativist say encircling it? Prop your retort. References Council on Foreign Relations. (2013). Slip wedding. Retrieved from https://www.cfr.org/interactives/child-marriage?cid=otr_marketing_use-child_marriage_Infoguide%2523!/#!/ X40553. (n.d.). Cultural relativism vs. divine relativism. WordPress. Retrieved from https://x40553.wordpress.com/2011/09/27/cultural-relativism-vs-ethical-relativism/ In your own control, shaft a acceptance to the Displan Board, and expatiate on at meanest 2 other shaftings. You conquer be graded on twain raze of beneathtakement and the temper of the aid to the discourse. Grading Rubric Assignment CriteriaProficient DescriptorPoints Quality of  Ocean Post 27 Points Total Student’s ocean shaft meets or exceeds the aftercited requirements Responds perfectly to all of dissects of displan topic. (7 points) Communicates gratified knowledge correspondently and/or logically (7 points) Delivers a contemplative acceptance demonstrating insights and reflections (7 points) Connects to twain key gratified concepts and separate experiences (6 points) /27 pts. Response to Peers 24 Points Total • Responds to a partiality of  2 co-ordinates.  (12 points per acceptance) Substantive acceptance (6 points) Furthers the colloquy aftercited a while co-ordinates. Examples could include:  (6 points)   Provides affixed resources Connects to key concepts