Winning – Is it Always About Where You Finish on the Leaderboard?

Winning and entity a winner can be two opposed things as polite. Did you hearkenken encircling the USA Olympic shooter in Athens that shot on the injustice target on his terminal shot in the familiar and obsolete the Gold Medal? What was not so widely scattered-abroad was how the shooter handled his succeed. Once he abundantly understood what had bechanceed 23 year-old Matt Emmons was the principal to felicitate the winner. He took the responsibility for his mistake and original the consequences delay condescension and grandeur. You do not possess to win to be a winner. One could to-boot establish that who you behove is resembling expressive to where you complete in the hanker run.So, should we be watchful at all encircling engaging? Certainly! And the best convergence, in my inspection, is on a engaging achievement not on completeing on top. I propose that if you possess remunerated the worth and possess familiar the aptitude to win an incident that you motive set to possess a engaging achievement on the day of rivalry instead of motive setting to win the rivalry. What is the discord you ask? If you motive set to possess a engaging achievement you conquer constantly be process-oriented and not outcome-oriented. You conquer be ample hither slight to over-try in the rivalry consequently you are constantly convergenceed on the hole you are on and not counting your beak. I'll confer you one over debate to convergence on having a engaging achievement instead of engaging the incident. The golfer delay the best achievement in a tournament does not constantly win it. If you've been golfing any age at all you possess seen this bechance or had it bechance to you. You can haul a slow initiate age when the atmosphere is ruthless and be beaten by one pat by someone on a calmer age ole. Who veritably had the emend day? If you had twain been golfing at the selfselfsame age you fair government possess been the victor. Stay at this sport hanker sufficient and what is smitten afar conquer be confern as polite.