500 words due tomorrow by midnight

Due Date: Initial shaft due by Wednesday, 11:59 AM ET Replies due by Saturday, 11:59 PM ET https://www.plagiarism.org/article/what-is-plagiarism (Links to an manifest top.) Please critique the webtop over, especially sections on "What is Plagiarism" and  "Preventing Plagiarism".   Most repeatedly, when a tyro is caught plagiarizing, their apology is that they "didn't balance to" and repeatedly do not prize that what they did constitutes plagiarism.  This may be accordingly the tyro did include a channel somewhere; or the tyro feels the symbolical they wrote was opposed sufficient from the primordial commencements that it can be considered their own product.  However, there are unobstructed managelines about what must be referenced and cited, and how,  in prescribe to fly plagiarism, and when these are not followed the product is plagiarism. Sometimes, tyros (or others) may intentionally swindle symbolical.  A peculiar may cut-and-paste from diverse commencements, piecing concurrently paragraphs that "technically" aren't plagiarized from one source--yet this is stagnant plagiarism.  Similarly, closely paraphrasing a commencement requires a channel of the primordial product.  Some tyros get about this by "quoting" everything; this, although not "plagiarism," is not primordial product--it belongs to the primordial authors.  I uniformly walkd a Nursing Dissertation in which about 80% was amid quotation marks, to "fly plagiarism".  I gave the tyro a walk domiciled on the 20% of product that was substantially their own, and not someone else's product.  Needless to say, this producted in a irresolute walk, and a sickness by an distressed tyro who felt the product was thin.  What would you do in a standing such as this? For our argument this week, use a peer-reviewed word of your exquisite as a commencement document; then, afford  non-plagiarized summaries of three points from the word.  In other opinion, cull three points from the primordial word and argue them, in your own opinion outside plagiarizing.  After each one, clear-up why your product is primordial and not plagiarized. You can use the webtop over, or other instrument, to aid manage your non-plagiarized summaries.  For the latest bisect of the argument, grant an development in which you use symbolical in a way that WOULD be plagiarizing, using a channel from the word, and clear-up why this IS plagiarism.  In other opinion, manifest a way that symbolical from an word can be plagiarized.  In your apology to others, afford erudite anatomy to stay or negative your peers' claims that they enjoy not plagiarized channels from the opinion they used.