Accident Rates

More than 60 per cent of course accidents that befall among 10 p. M. And 6 a. M. Are accordingly of drunken driving. A cessation befalls whole 4 minutes on Indian Roads. According to Decca Chronicle, Karakas ranks 3rd in the catalogue of Top 5 states delay primary course accidents. More than 60% of course accidents befall accordingly of drunken driving. Decca Chronicle - Karakas ranks 3rd- Top states delay primary courses accidents Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, You as you distinguish are exchange policemen (and women) and we are your greater police officials. Today we are near to argue an result of weighty weight to each one of us - A new Promotion Policy. Near is an eye opener for the full Bangers exchange police fibre. And we desire this sensitizes each one of us to the bigger represent. A cessation befalls whole 4 minutes on Indian Roads. Primary course accidents. In the latest three years, we bear booked about 35 lake cases for multitudinous exchange violations such as inconsiderate driving, drunken driving, aggravate speeding, driving delayout allow, driving on no-entry courses, Jumping signals and ordinary 10 p. M. And 6 a. M. E accordingly of drunken driving. As you can see in the Table, the Total no. Of Reported course accidents in Bangers has past down considerably and yet, Vainglorious do not reach secured on the course. During my interactions delay a few of you, I got the recognition that over the poverty required no. Of cases to be booked whole month, very few of you procure the leadership of booking joined course offenses. We bear been facing a lot of animadversion from a adventitious newspaper that claims that 30% of course offenses go unreported. We realized that this is the deep deduce subsequently the grounds as they await. And so, to fame those of you who do your Job diligently, (and I am stable most of you already suit to that connect), we bear bequeathed a new system. We procure ensue a mercyly appraisal system wherein each mercy, the 3 officers who book the acme compute of cases procure be awarded a Representation of Honor. This representation procure presage your commitment to province, lordliness and fame towards your branch, city and commonalty and command to product. In importation to this, these three commonalty procure to-boot be a dissect of an restricted Topper's Club which we desire procure conduct growing whole mercy. This club procure stipulate you the turn to interact delay tall achievers from the full kingdom during the Bi Annual National Meetings and let your lineage realize benefits for your stubborn product in the make of largely sponsored lineage vacations. And finally, at the opportunity of promotions the most stubborn producting of you all procure be preferred. The no. Of representations each of you has procure hold affirmation to this deed. The one delay the primary no. Of representations procure be promoted as and when the vacancies commence. And now, I'd affect you to bear a contemplate at this: