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  need 5 pages, due on 6 Aug Discussion Questions for Atlantic Computer Case  The meaning of the Atlantic Computer circumstance is to usher-in students to the aftercited habitually used approaches to determining appraisement: (a) status-quo pricing, (b) proportionately framing (or competition-based) pricing, (c) cost-plus pricing, and (d) compute-based pricing. You are too asked to ponder the resultions of competitors, customers, and inside stakeholders (e.g., salespeople) to unanalogous pricing approaches. After launched on this circumstance, you should possess a resolute catch of basic pricing approaches and an appreciation for the multifarious tender cleverness to be pondered when contrast appraisement for a new fruit.  Please ponder the aftercited questions in preparing your dispose argument. 1. What appraisement should Jowers admonish for the Atlantic Load (i.e., Tronn servers+PESA software utensil)? do a Excel form! 2. Think broadly encircling the top-line return implications from each of the disgusting opinion pricing strategies. Approximately how plenteous money aggravate the proximate three years get be “left on the table” if the resolute were to concede separate the software utensil separate for at-liberty (i.e., status quo pricing) versus utilizing one of the other pricing approaches? 3. How is Matzer mitigated to result to your warnings? 4. How is Cadena’s sales nerve mitigated to result to your warning? 5. What can Jowers commend to get Cadena’s hardware-oriented sales nerve to apprehend and hawk the compute of the PESA software effectively? 6. How are customers in the resolute’s target chaffer mitigated to result to your commended pricing skill? What apology can be supposing to aggravatecome any objections? 7. How is Ontario Zink’s greater skill team mitigated to result to the Atlantic load?