Article Review 1-2 pages

You get transcribe a near discovery brochure for a peer-reviewed discovery brochure that pertains to the week’s assigned lection (Chapter 16: Five Case Studies on Energy Policy).  This get be a specific resume of the discovery brochure and what you gained from the discovery.  Each week, you get confront an boundary/peer-reviewed discovery brochure that pertains to the week's assignment.  If you bear a troublesome space, Google Scholar is a miraculous colonization to confront these types of boundarys: Once you confront the boundary, you get simply interpret it and then transcribe a retrospect of it.  Think of it as an boundary retrospect where you comply a near overview of the boundary. *All after a whileout sources must be referenced and cited in your brochure.  All brochures get be retrospected after a while a plagiarism software. Any references not truly referenced and cited get outcome in a 0 on your brochure. Multiple violations get outcome in a need for the course! TextBook Link: