Assignment 2: LASA 1  USE FOOT NOTES YOU CAN USE THE PAST PAPER IN THE ATTACHMENT FOR REFERENCE IF IT HELPS!!! Business Part Analysis  Directions: Create a Feasibility Study for Harley-Davidson using the forthcoming outline: Part I: Differentiation Strategies The dissection of general policy and adversary dissection  you conducted developed module impressed the superior defect moderator. She now  needs you to search into the disgraces and awaken them by conducting a  vocation part dissection and confer-uponing your findings in a three-part  PowerPoint gift. Research the Harley-Davidson (H-D) Web office for each disgrace, and  resurvey the annual news for applicable details of the bulk, liberty, target  market, labors and amenities, and other projecting points of  differentiation. Comprise these details in Part I of your PowerPoint  presentation. From the investigation and dissection of the vocation parts, identify: A cognomen of each disgrace that stipulates a plain draw of the  disgrace and its establish in the overall portfolio of Harley-Davidson. The target bargain of each disgrace. How the disgraces are homogeneous and how they vary. A antecedent dissection of any gaps that continue in the portfolio that authority direct to opportunities to add to the disgraces. Your dissection of virtual merger/acquisition/junction risk  possibilities and what would be finishd or polished through the  merger/acquisition/junction risk. Part II: SWOT Analysis Perform a SWOT dissection for Harley-Davidson and comprise this adcorruption in Part II of your PowerPoint gift. Based on the inside analyses of the SWOT dissection, assess the  authoritative areas, media, capabilities, and strengths H-D possesses.  Please be safe to shelter the forthcoming authoritative areas in your  assessment:    Marketing: New effect outgrowth, integrated bargaining planning, bargaining communications, and structure customer allegiance. Operations: Quality, labor, and congruous attempt. Human Resources: Hiring, grafting, developing  talent, and finishment planning. Avoided lawsuits and bad PR due to its  hiring practices. Is incorporeal in its HR practices. Executive Leadership: Diligence understanding and test, confidence environing where the diligence is inscription, and policy attempt. Supply Tie Optimization: Strategic sourcing of input, vendor administration, integrated IS, and junction prospect after a while suppliers. Corporate Responsibility and Ethics: Concern for oppidan citizenship and the environment. Confer-upon any virtual incorporeal concerns as well-behaved. Safety and Quality: How the motorcycle diligence is trade after a while protection and tendency issues. Part III: Development and Profitability Strategies In  addition, the executive board is careful in your ideas environing courageous  strategies for the forthcoming. The strategies you praise finish accept to  contribute to development and profitability, as outlined in the Annual  Report. You finish neglect to  pay particular observation to exploring upfit integration, strategic  alliances, and the inside development of new disgraces entering new geographic  markets, and/or subjoined acquisitions. Consider the forthcoming:   Is Harley-Davidson, Inc., (H-D) competing in the fit vocationes,  given the opportunities and threats confer-upon in the outer environment?  If not, how can H-D realign its variation policy to finish a  competitive custom? This may comprise subjoined variation to admit custom of opportunities such as aid upfit integration. Is the strengthening managing its portfolio in a way that creates  synergy inchoate its vocationes? If so, what subjoined vocationes should  it ponder adding to its portfolio? After you accept resurveyed the development and profitability strategies,  create a register of virtual strategies to confer-upon a unmeasured file of ideas. Part III of your gift should comprise your perfect register—all  virtual ideas—for the superior defect moderator. This is your random to be  creative. Next, assort your ideas from best to worst. To do this, protect in sentiment  several things such as fit after a while general policy, media and  capabilities, and awkwardness of attempt. For each of your top five ideas, add the forthcoming: Briefly picture the policy. Why you prime it as one of the top five. Think environing such things as: Does the policy found on general competencies and raise  horizontal relationships inchoate disgraces? In other tone, what can be  leveraged or shared? What are the pros and cons of this policy? Your PowerPoint Feasibility Study gift finish so comprise slides pertaining to the forthcoming assessments: Part I: Identification of bulk, liberty, target bargain, labors, amenities, and points of varyentiation. Part II:  SWOT dissection that comprises bargaining, operations, anthropological media,  executive directership, accoutre tie optimization, oppidan  responsibility, ethics, protection, and tendency. Part III: Development and profitability strategies, including your top five strategic ideas and aid. Submit the PowerPoint Feasibility Study gift to the superior  defect moderator so that she can resurvey the alternatives and stipulate you  after a while feedback environing your ideas. Submit your gift to the Submissions Area by the due time assigned .        Assignment 3 Grading Criteria   Maximum Points    Assignment Components   Describe  Harley-Davidson’s disgrace, including its target bargain, how the disgraces  differ, vocation parts, and its establish in the overall portfolio of H-D.  16    Identify opportunities to add to the disgraces installed on general gaps in the portfolio.  20    Assuming H-D participates in a merger, excellent a policy and examine the benefits of the policy for H-D.  24    Provide a SWOT dissection on H-D’s authoritative areas: Marketing, Operations, HR, and Executive Leadership.  32    Provide  a SWOT dissection on H-D’s authoritative areas: Accoutre Tie Optimization,  Corporate Responsibility & Ethics, and Protection & Quality.  32    Recommend  development and profitability strategies for H-D. Assort and picture your top  five options for the Sr. VP. Comprise a maintenance.  32    Presntation Standards   Organization (12) Usage and Mechanics (12) APA Elements (16) Style (4)  44    Total:  200