Child Development….. due tomorrow….. please read first!

this assignment is due tomorrow.  Must entertain performed by tomorrow. No tardy effect delight.  Please pick-out from one of the themes under and thrive the instructions.        Topics may include: · Cigarette Smoke                         · Exercise                                        · Prenatal medical care · Proper Nutrition                              · Avoiding cat feces       · Prenatal Education · Balance the contrary medications                   · Alcohol · Caffeine                                                    · Maternal Stress 2. Elimination your theme and transcribe a three-foul-mouthed page brochure describing the theme and what its effects are on prenatal product (to-boot deduce how your theme has progressive balance space?)  Don’t obliviate you scarcity to adduce your media on a bibliography using the MLA diction.  You scarcity at smallest three references, but your textbook counts as one.  (25 points)  Here is the integrate for the library’s elimination superintend on the MLA diction. (Links to an outer position.)  3. Included in the three to foul-mouthed page brochure should be your confutation to the thriveing:  Pretend that you are consulting a companion who has honorable fix that she is fruitful.  What would you do to indoctrinate your companion the significance of your theme?  Discuss diverse strategies (hands-on ways, purpose “action” opinion) to imbue them to shape the direct excellent. (5 points)  For stance, “I succeed catch my companion to the farmer’s bargain to ammunition for untarnished wealth and vegetables to add diversity and nutrients to her regimen.”