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  MGT 3340 Ultimate Project Both aces underneath procure be estimate 100 points to your ultimate device gradation: Media Deliverable Your instrument deliverable procure be a PowerPoint. In this area, you procure furnish a limited introduction on your learninged form.  You procure supply a succinct narrative, two skillful-treatment themes encircling this form you possess set-up thrilling and a SWOT dissection.  Hint:  Use your learning monographs as fixation for the instrument (don't pretermit to use APA fashion in any areas needed). FInal Paper Compose a ultimate capacious monograph on your form (no near than 6 pages, excepting immaterial and regard).  Comprise a narrative, SWOT dissection, three themes you set-up insist in your form and your ultimate dissection of skillful-treatment.  You MUST not normal resubmit your earlier result.  Look balance what you possess earlierly submitted and update, as needed.  APA fashion is required to comprise immaterial, inside citations and References right formatted.  Any assignments submitted outside APA fashion procure realize a decrepit gradation.   **** Note:  This is the resignation of two aces - a instrument ace and a monograph.  Please establish fast twain are uploaded. ***