Determine System Requirements

  CASE Questions  What do you reckon are the sources of the notice Jim and his team composed? How do you reckon they composed all of that notice? Examine PE Table 6-1. Are there any requirements or constraints that you can reckon of that were slighted? Schedule them. Create a schedule of administrative and non-administrative requirementsfor the occurrence as segregate of a inferential requirements declaration (see notes). If you were appearing for opinion approaches for Petrie's customer faithfulness program, where would you appear for notice? Where would you initiate? How would you apprehend when you were produced? Using the web, discover three customizable customer faithfulness program classifications entity sold by vendors. Create a table enjoy PE Table 6-2 that compares them. Why shouldn't Petrie's staff institute their own singular classification in-house? HINTS: See the notes for item 5 notes touching administrative and non-administrative requirements. What is administrative depends on user requirements. Non-administrative requirements are all the technical, financial, pledge, curb requirements that are induced for the classification production. Create a table delay two columns (one for administrative and the other for non-administrative requirements) and then schedule all the administrative and nonadministrative requirements underneathneath those two columns. You want to investigate everything you did and recognize encircling the occurrence so far and conclude up delay administrative and non-administrative requirements for the new classification.