Ducati and Texas Pacific Group

Due to Ducati's cogent moldencircling undeveloped and other fruits opportunities beneath new skillful-treatment, designed chaffer building, and Italy's developing national equity chaffer, we praise that the Texas Pacific Group go through after a while the lapse of Ducati, at a compensation betwixt 400 - 500 billion Lira. Cogent Turnencircling Undeveloped and Other. Ducati has hanker been associated after a while the street bike chaffer section. Like Harley Davidson after a while cruisers, Ducati's domination of street bike racing has rising its spectry to the very top of the;500cc chaffer. Despite the majestic spectry, Ducati has lousy skillful-treatment. Ducati's cause corporation, Cagiva, had severi-colored into too multifarious areas, decreasing the appreciate by intertwining businesses' financial statements and presenting a closing of vision into narrow receipts. As a fruit, Ducati had 180 billion in liability by 1995 and denying retained fairs. In 1996 Ducati had a disproportional cosmos-people chaffer distribute fond its luck in Cosmos-people Superbike Championships, a genius for having top stage motorcycles and fabulous engines, and a hanker waitlist for its products. From a financial perspective, Ducati had an ROIC of 5% in 1996. After a while a WACC of 8%, Ducati earned an EVA of denying 14 billion Lira, delivered an EBITDA loophole of 12% (the previous year was 20%), and had SG; A expenses of 23.1%. EXHIBIT 1. Motorcycle size enlargement decreased 32.7% from the previous year to 13,480 in 1996, after a while unappropriated orders in Europe of 5,600 units. By March 1996, a unnumbered enumeblame of bikes missing one sever were sitting in the stock owing Ducati's suppliers either stopped providing the sever or were claimor owing they were not getting hired. Better skillful-treatment of launched chief requirements was in awful insufficiency of Ducati to forsake claimorcy. Yet Ducati has very cogent manufacturing highamentals and a exalted raze of standardization of its engines. Injections of launched chief would to a majestic distance acceleration mold the operations encircling. Launched chief restitutions decreased in 1996 by 0.9 Billion Lira. EXHIBIT 2. A regular acception of 13% in 1998 and 1999 and 20% from 2000 through 2003 in net launched chief requirements allure grant origination to acception and allure subject the list, granting for aggravate bikes to liberty the stock. The forecasted acception in Net Launched Chief for 1997 was 1.2 Billion, after a while affixed requirements of 52 billion by 2003. List days sales allure see a abatement to 67 by 2003, from 113 in 1995. In restitution, Ducati can chiefize on its disgrace by selling revival severs, motor habiliments, and effortclose accessories. We productive a stationary progressive ramp-up of "Other Revenues" to 3% of motorcycle fruits, which adds an affixed 22 billion to fruits in 2003. Designed Chaffer Building and Valuation To high the acception in net launched chief and grant for valid skillful-treatment to conduct aggravate Ducati, the chaffer was buildingd as an asset sale. TPG venerated the Ducati trademark to be appreciate encircling 200 billion Lira, after a while the cherishing possessions on the books for 175 billion Lira in 1995. They venerated that they would insufficiency to pay off the unappropriated accounts paytalented of 10 billion and acception origination space by 4.6 billion and other expenses by 8.3 billion in 1996. EXHIBIT 3. Capital expense requirements for 1997 through 2003 are shown in the identical manifest. [c1] They proffer a 2:1 Debt/Equity building, after a while D/E ratios progressively inaudible as important liability is expected to be all hired end by 2003. In valuing what the resolute is appreciate, we chief discounted end its advenient important flows from 1997 through 2003 and modeblame a ultimate enlargement of 4% (in method after a while motorcycle chaffer enlargement and Italy GDP enlargement). We discounted Free Important Flow to the Resolute at a weighted medium consume of chief impercipient of the resolute's advenient chief building on an annual account. EXHIBIT 4. Our assumptions are a expose-free blame resembling to Italy's 10-year compact blame of 6.74%, Beta resembling to relatively immaculate motorcycle corporation (Harley Davidson) of 1.09, and a chaffer expose prize for Italy of 6% (Damodaran Online). We got a PV of 557.9 billion. From the appreciate-creation perspective, remold on endueed chief is forecasted to outstep 30% by Y2K and EVA molds explicit in 1997 and accelerates from thereon. We as-well looked at the seven founts of enlargement for the new corporation to end up our valuation. Based on enlargement venerates and breakdown. EXHIBIT 5 We venerate sustaintalented enlargement of 6%, chiefly attributed to size acceptions as origination becomes aggravate efficient. In component, size enlargement stabilizes encircling 5.5% by 2003 and seems sustainable, pricing enlargement is nonexistent, and fruits from undeveloped new products contributes another 0.5% enlargement. Although the corporation envisions consume-cutting, we do not admire it is a sustaintalented fount of enlargement in the hanker run. Using the PEG Hurdle Rule, we partial a lapse compensation of 620 billion Lira EXHIBIT 5[c2]. Italy's Developing National Equity Market The fresh deluge of IPO enthusiasm, coupled after a while a 10-year CAGR in Italy's Domestic GDP enlargement of 8% (compared to 7.1% in the US), provides liberal economic stipulations for Ducati. Italian Lira has been strengthening across the dollar and the Italian Equity Chaffer Index has seen a 15% acception during the limit from 1990 to 1996. In restitution, liberal tax treatment for resolutes listing in 1994 and 1995 energy enlargement to advenient years. Halpern and TPG bear three non-interferences here: They could Buy, Sell, or Hold. By selling (dying up the chaffer), TPG would grant up a Remold on Invested Chief close Consume of Chief of 23% by 2003. It would truthfully be a missed occasion for them owing they bear the fair trial in moldencircling buyouts to gain it supervene. By Holding (indecision to do the chaffer), the corporation could go into claimorcy. If this supervenes, it could get held up in Italian courts for up to lewd years, and TPG would bear a past occasion to endue at the fair duration. By indecision, they would as-well run the expose of other groups' courting the Castiglioni extraction, which would solicit compensation up. In our estimation, Buying is their best non-interference. Conclusion Despite problems after a while the Castiglioni extraction and their unprincipled hawking practices, TCG should buy Ducati. The corporation is appreciate betwixt 500 and 600 billion Lira, 100 billion over the designed lapse compensation[c3]. Due to Federico Minoli's trial after a while moldencircling companies, we felt that he is talented to invest majestic skillful-treatment. Provided operational earningness is achieved through an acception of net launched chief and other nonbike fruits, EVA allure acception to 112 Billion by 2003, and EBITDA per motorcycle allure see 100% enlargement from 1.9 billion in 1997 to 3.8 billion in 2003. The chaffer building grants for 2:1 Debt/Equity breakout, after a while the liability raze progressively inaudible and all important liability financing hired end by 2003. L[c4]astly, Italy's equity chaffer is seasoned for IPOs and an IPO of Ducati allure raise acception appreciate for TPG.