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  Assignment 1: LASA 2—Critiquing an Article In Module 4 Assignment 2, you were asked to supply your impressions of Peter Singer’s word “America’s Shame.” Now, you gain adjust a learninged tally to this word. This assignment allows you to assess and protect the rationality of your idiosyncratic beliefs through nice impost of Singer’s topics and the extend of your own, primary topics environing the topic using the tools of evaluation you entertain well-informed throughout the manner. Assignment Overview: For this assignment, feign that you entertain been asked to introduce a PowerPoint extend at your topical class feeling environing the topics of universe want and information. You entertain ruled to use Peter Singer’s word as the starting summit of your extend. As you stratagem your extend you gain demand to: Present the elder claims of Singer. Present your own primary topic assisample pensive solutions to real-universe problems. Back up your topic delay beyond learning. Here is the be-mixed to the word by Singer: "America's Shame" from The Chronicle of Higher Education. 55(27), B6–B10. (EBSCO AN 37137370). Assignment Details: Develop a 12–15-slide extend in Microsoft PowerPoint. Include two joined slides—one for the distinction and the other for a References page. Bullet summits are delectable, but use total sentences throughout the extend. Be abiding to comprise the following: Describe the portions of Singer’s word you prosecute to promise/critique. Clearly aver your own topic/topic in tally. Remember, the structure of the sample is not dignified; you can concur or disconcur delay any summit Singer makes in the word. The dignified subject is for you to frame a sample that distinctly promises Singer’s situation. Comprise well cited examples from the word. As you grade your own topic, be abiding to comprise your situation on how to address the problems that Singer discusses in his word. Again, you may concur or disconcur delay Singer; at-last, be abiding to extend your own solutions to the offspring of universe want, as discussed by Singer. Support your topic delay the use of primary learning. Use at lowest three likely, academic media to buttress your situations. These should be sources other than Singer's "America's Shame" word. Apply APA standards to passage of sources.  Assignment 1 Grading Criteria Summarize portions of Singer’s word that you eagerness to promise/critique. Utilize tools of evaluation to engender an primary topic that promises Singer’s passage in a way that is fertile and grades your own topic. Apply learning to promise Singer through the conducive use of buttressive appearance. Presentation Components: Organization Style Usage and Mechanics APA Elements