History micro assignments

   NOTE! These Micro Assignments can simply be legitimate if you are IN assort in special on the day due and for the argument accordingly they are meant to be participatory (assemblage argument) assignments. Your transcribe up, delay a attach to any additional period, or the pasted period itself, must be posted 1 hour precedently assort on Turnitin AND you must accept the periods you accept clarified AND your transcribe-up largely serviceable in assort, either electronically or on disquisition for the argument. Format: In the excellent fair accept your CLASS NUMBER, Hist 110, and your bountiful indicate, Micro Assignment #3 AND THE DATE . Assignment: 1 to 1 ½ pages embrace spaced Choose carelargely 2 periods (from a novel honorable origin) environing sexual harassment (or the #MeToo change-of-place) in our times and be unmistakable they are the best, most adapted, most informative periods you can experience):  For each period: 1) Be quick to verbally condense the period, and pat why you opinion it was the best valuable.  2) Using Foner, what are the unvarnished roots of the battle over sexual harassment (in the 1990s see Anita Hill occurrence, and in the 1970?) 3) Are there any analogies, similarities, comparisons, lessons, ideas, or strategies  from or delay the US History we accept thoughtful? 4) What are your views? Any prefer points you command omission to find?