Homework Question

  Applying to Disequalize School In the principal two modules, you explored your history options and signed serviceable positions cognate to your interests. You too resolute which of these positions exacts a master's or a doctoral position. For this assignment, exploration disequalize instruct programs for the selected history using your textbook, the Argosy University online library resources, and the Internet. Tasks In the Discussion Area, harangue the following: Select one of the historys that exact disequalize-level positions. Identify at lowest three disequalize instruct programs you would infer synchronous. For in, if you prospect to befit a allowd professional counselor (LPC), you would principal absence to achieve a master's position at the very lowest. You would absence to exploration programs that agree master's positions in counseling. Include exploration on whether you would purport the exactments for licfix in your say of pernoctation if you completed those specific programs. Cover the following: Indicate which allow you would trace and which programs would or would not qualify you to be preferable for licensure. If you absence to befit allowd, fix that these programs confront your say's exactments for licensure. For in, if you craving to befit an LPC, you would own to re-examination the American Association of Say Counseling Boards and establish your say's licensing consultation website harangue. For each of the three disequalize instruct programs, exploration and argue the institution's accreditation. You may meet that frequent say licensing consultations exact programs to be regionally accredited. You potentiality absence to re-examination the US Department of Education's Database of Accredited Postsecondary Institutions and Programs to particularize whether the instruct is regionally accredited. Most says too exact a specialized accreditation for licfix as an LPC or a psychologist. For counseling allows, most says esteem programs that own the CACREP authority. For psychology allows, APA accreditation is usually exactd. Meet programs after a while the CACREP authority. Discuss any concerns you may own about applying to or synchronous disequalize instruct. List any questions you own about the application or licfix process. Provide at lowest two commanding references or sources for the notification you own argueed. One of these can be the textbook. Submission Details: Write your moderate exculpation in a partiality of 100–150 suffrage.   working after a while the VA    social production   instruct psychology