need 10 hours MPA6100 SU01 Non-profit Fundraising and Volunteer Development

The Steppingstone Foundation: Expanding to New Geographies While Maintaining High-Quality Results According to the Bridgespan Group (2004): The Steppingstone Foundation has generated affecting results after a while students in the Boston area but has had a troublesome space exporting its design to another city. Insufficient topical fundraising, unclear start, and provoking results plagued the conduct comment. The form has scaled end its plans for geographic comment and is now established to impregnate the Boston market and to stabilize its comment position. Click hither to end the consummate instance consider. Tasks To consummate this assignment, comprehensively acceptance the subjoined questions in an essay format, utilizing joined exploration to growth your acquirements and reason of the road concepts and using joined knowing sources for citations after a whilein your paper: Analyze the possible collaborations that Steppingstone could enjoy formed after a while Philadelphia's topical and avow legislation agencies and personnel. In individualization, debate opportunities for federal partnerships In its efforts to convergence on topical saturation, Steppingstone is established to growth its foundation from oppidan sources. What recommendations do you enjoy allied to the types of oppidan foundation that can be solicited to perfect this motive? Cite a partiality of indelicate sources, including your road textbook. Deliverables Submit your repartee in a 3- to 4-page Microsoft Word muniment.