Quantitative vs. Qualitative Analysis Assignments

  Quantitative For this assignment, you get need to consummate a leading partition on the underneath scenario.  Please transcribe your counterpart in a diminutive APA formatted repute. Quantitative Analysis You are the overseer of desktop foundation for NASA.  You are under obligation for purchasing and managing all of the laptops NASA distributes to employees.  There are 700 laptops currently in labor.  All of the laptops randomly concession the erection and work-for a variable workforce.  Read the subjoined doctrines your CIO brought to you for consideration: http://www.pcworld.com/article/251318/48_nasa_laptops_stolen_in_two_years_a_case_for_better_encryption_practices.html http://www.pcworld.com/article/181124/laptops_that_go_ghost.html Compute the SLE, ARO, ALE and security esteem naturalized on the knowledge in these doctrines for a repute your CIO plans to succumb as a disintegration.  For the security esteem, confront and compensation an withhold visible and software disintegration(s) to security thieving and facts mislaying.  Once you extract a result, conceive a couple to the page for pricing and ace style.  Present the realized savings in your repute and the benefits of the disintegration you select for securitying the laptops.  Don’t obliviate to conceive your equations for ARO, ALE, security esteem and realized savings calculations.