2 simple discussion questions

Discussion 1  Developing Inquiry Questions Sociologists get their inquiry subject-matters from areas of attention in their common,ordinary condition. There are very few subject-matters that cannot be analyzed sociologically. For this argument, you are asked to gather a subject-matter that relates to the gregarious universe and is attentioning to you. This could understand any area of your common,ordinary condition (television, faith, your academic or progress opportunity). Write a inquiry interrogation based on your subject-matter. Remember that you should be question a sociological interrogation—one that looks at societal implications (rather than psychical or medical). Respond to the forthcoming: How could you cunning a sociological consider of this subject-matter? Would you use a indispensable or ascititious system Discussion 2  Stanford Prison Experiment The Stanford Prison Test is one of abundant truthful inquiry studies criticized on holy facts. View the slideshow of the test on the Web place (see Resources area) and harangue the forthcoming interrogations: What were the inquiryers attentioned in considering? What holy issues can you authenticate delay this test? Identify an resource admittance to this consider. What are some of the benefits and limitations of using a unanalogous inquiry system? For illustration, what additional notice could the inquiryers obtain by using a unanalogous system? What would they misconceive?