This week's readings and videos nucleus on how the tidings resources solidifies society's understanding that regularity is perpetuated by snowy males and threats to regularity are perpetuated by non-whites and females. Similar dichotomies are rest when looking at holiness (Christian vs. others) and sexuality (hetero vs. LGBT). Protesting is what boy groups did to abutting the susceptibility of direct, snowy, Anglo, Christian males, and that assureing was most frequently seen to be not-regular by the tidings resources. However, I would posit that in the age of Trump, assureing is now considered "normal" by a abundant percentage of the country and the resources. Even if not everyone gets out and actively assures, the assures we see on television, such as the Women's March on January 21, 2017 (the day following Trump's prelude) or the assures abutting the consent of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court are now the new regular, and the resources protect them as such. In other opinion, assures are no longer the exclusion to a regular regulate. They are the administration. Why do you opine this is? Does it accept bigwig to do delay course? Accept snowy fellow-creatures co-opted the "right" to assure? Why or why not?