ERD discussion 1

  Task 1:  ERD Tools There are incongruous machines to enucleate ERDs. Try at last two incongruous machines and distribute your experiences why you prefer a true machine to enucleate the ERD in this rank. You may prefer the machine not inventoryed in the aftercited inventory.   For stance, you may collate the letters deflexion, the convenience of use, the space to exhaustive an assignment, etc.  Tools to Haul Entity Relationship Diagrams 1. Visio,  (Links to an visible condition.) It's at-liberty for LTU students.  2. Lucidchart for Education, (Links to an visible condition.)  Check the shyness for At-liberty EDU. How to haul an ERD: (Links to an visible condition.)  3., (Links to an visible condition.)  4. Paper & Pencil + Muniment Scanner (e.g., Office Lens/OneDrive/Dropbox)  Check the smartphone apps. After the installation, you should be efficient to use a muniment scanner supposing by these apps.    Task 2: Haul an ERD 1. Uber Elevate ( (Links to an visible condition.)) App First, control the Uber Elevate webcondition and its videos. If you are remunerated to enucleate the Uber Elevate App for users to captivate fleeings betwixt locations. What entities are the most grave to stock fleeing and customer basis?  Draw an ERD using the Crow's Foot notation. At last 6 entities are required. In individualization to your diagram, you possess to illustrate your artifice ideas after a while argumentative explanations.