Group Project: Argumentative Research Paper & Power Point Presentation

You bring a multi-disciplinary team that deals after a while consent issues for GoodHealth, Inc., a wide healthsolicitude provider that owns indelicate hospitals.  Your team did some investigating, including inner audits and trustworthy interviews, and they set-up the following: (1) the provider seems to accept imposed budgetary constraints that they knew or should accept known would forefend facilities from providing diffuse solicitude; (2) solicitude that is not of delicious power is being provided; (3) there are medical coding errors going five years tail that gain mitigated sum millions of dollars; (4) medical errors are not being conformably reported; and, (5) physician mate revisal for medical errors is not commencement establish in a congruous or early style. Your team has concluded that it is in the best curiosity-behalf of GoodHealth, Inc. to self-report to the OIG.  The team must fit a Nursing Dissertation and bestowal for the CEO.  The CEO gain yield the Nursing Dissertation to the Board of Directors.  Be imaginary.  How should this be approached?  Start after a while these articles on Corporate Responsibility and Healthcare: Here are some suggestions for the team to think. What condition of penalties can be imposed by the OIG to discourse (1) through (5) over? Have the Directors breached any constitutional obligation? Should the structure self-report?