This is a discourse column. It deficiencys to be at lowest 150 tone delay at lowest ONE regard cited throughout the column, and when referencing it at the end, it deficiencys to be in APA format. The medication you deficiency to exploration and transcribe on is denominated Banzel.  Nurses must keep local scholarship when carrying medications to endurings. Each order of medication has its own sole tokens, interactions, and contraindications. All of these deficiency to be monitored twain anteriorly and succeeding administrating a medication.  For this discourse:  •The violent risk medication I carry in my  current performance is denominated Banzel, and it is for seizures. You deficiency to use this medication as the copy, and exploration it.  -Assume you are starting a enduring on this medication for the primitive span.   ◦If you were initiating texture delay this garbage on a enduring, what gain the enduring deficiency to apprehend from a security perspective?   •List the garbage, its token, and three security tips you would deficiency to secrete during education for the primal dose.