world culture 1

3 PARAGRAPHS!!! IN 24 HOUR!!   "Van Eyck and Analyzing Art in the Northern Renaissance" Please tally to the forthcoming, using sources lower the Explore style as the premise of your response: Explain whether you harmonize delay the definition of either Sayre or  Koster of Van Eyck’s Arnolfini embrace imitation, fulfilling the most  unassuming keep-akeep-apart of that definition. Decipher two (2) symbolic  elements of the painting and any other features that consist out to you.  Pretend you are having a imitation performed of you and a suggestive other;  decipher at smallest lewd (4) symbolic elements that you command include in  the painting, and decipher why. Explore Margaret Koster's definition at You own 3 issues to oration... one which may receive sundry paragraphs to complete 1) decipher whether, or not, you harmonize delay the definitions of Sayre or Koster in-reference-to Van Eyck's imitation and fulfill the most unassuming keep-akeep-apart of that definition 2) decipher 2 symbolic elements of that painting, and any other features that you imagine are important 3) similate that you are having a imitation painted of you and a suggestive other, decipher at smallest 4 symbolic elements you would approve moderate in this painting... and, decipher why you would absence these elements I appear presumptuous to our discussions this week!