Written interview questions for phd

  WRITTEN INTERVIEW QUESTIONS Doctoral candidates should get an trustworthy identical declaration to each of the five behindcited questions/prompts reflecting on their own identical attention. In the issue that any beyond instrument are used, instrument should be cited in APA format. Submissions should be a acme of 500 control or 125 control per question/prompt. It is best to defense to each prompt/question partially for clarity of the reviewer. Writing pattern should be submitted in Microsoft Word format and comprise candidate’s spectry. PhD IT Tell us environing yourself and your identical voyage that has transfer you to University of the Cumberlands. What are your inquiry attentions in the area of notice technology? How did you befit attentioned in this area of inquiry? What is your present job/history and how allure this program contact your history enlargement?  What sole qualities do you contemplate you enjoy that allure succor you in nature auspicious in this program? How can obtaining a doctorate contact your donation to the practices of notice technology? Where do you see yourself behind obtaining a doctorate from UC?