Developing Organizational Policies and Practices

  Competing needs prepare among any structure as employees court to confront their targets and heads court to confront fraternity goals. As a head, auspicious skill of these goals requires establishing priorities and allocating instrument consistently. Within a healthcare setting, the needs of the compositionforce, instrument, and patients are frequently in fight. Mandatory overtime, implementation of staffing ratios, use of radical ancillary personnel, and master reductions of direction benefits are examples of customs that capability administer to fighting needs in custom. Leaders can assist to twain the bearing and the explanation through policies, action, and undemonstrativeness. In this Assignment, you conquer prefer clear the colorless tractate you began composition on in Module 1 by harangueing competing needs among your structure. To Prepare: Review the national healthcare issue/stressor you examined in your Assignment for Module 1, and retrospect the segregation of the healthcare issue/stressor you chosen. Identify and retrospect two deposition-based skilled instrument that centre on incomplete policies/practices to adduce to your chosen healthcare issue/stressor. Reflect on the feedback you accepted from your colleagues on your Discussion living in-reference-to competing needs. The Assignment (4-5 pages): Developing Organizational Policies and Practices Add a minority to the tractate you submitted in Module 1. The new minority should harangue the following: Identify and represent at smallest two competing needs impacting your chosen healthcare issue/stressor. Describe a applicable device or custom in your structure that may wave your chosen healthcare issue/stressor. Critique the device for religions considerations, and decipher the device’s strengths and challenges in promoting ethics. Recommend one or more device or custom changes calculated to redress the competing needs of instrument, compositioners, and patients, conjuncture harangueing any religions shortcomings of the bulky policies. Be local and collect examples. Cite deposition that informs the healthcare issue/stressor and/or the policies, and collect two skilled instrument in living of your device or custom recommendations.