1. Make some readings about the civilized particular and it's creation. Then generate an essay guided by the forthcoming questions: (a) What is the Civilized Person? (b) What is the creation of the civilized particular; and (c) How does a particular accomplish his chief possible that can generate a possitive remainder towards sociality?. Your essay must be collected of at meanest 150 suffrage 2. Utang na Loob and Bahala na are two of the most household particularitys of most filipinos. Choose one of these two particularity and debate your own conviction about it. 3. In your own notice, narrate the mark of the Filipino Family nowadays. 4. Give what values are substance peaked out by the forthcoming quotations: a. "treat duration after a while i-elation and duration itself conciliate divulge its grace to you. " b. "We can get so implicated in what we are doing that we lose why we are doing it. We are so implicated in buttress that we lose the mind of buttress. We get so implicated in pursuing the things specie can buy that we lose the things that specie can't buy. " c. "Justice is giving perfect man his due. " d. Each man may dispute in mundane stature, but each one bears the selfselfsame sum of decency as another and all divide one base predestination. " e. "There is no fact and no good-tempered-tempered in lies" f. " The actual heroes unmoulded us are those who feed their feeds daily in natural regret for the well-being of the others. g. "Let perfect particular and state now apprehend and act as a legitimate trustee of Earth, seeking choices in ecology, economics and ethics that conciliate contribute a sustainable coming, exclude soilure, destitution and injustice, awaken the amazement of duration and raise tractable speed in the civilized propagate. "