Wk 3 – Apply: Project Metrics

   Assignment Content    Now that you’ve verified the form’s SWOT, you scarcity to mention the design and its externals and metrics. This design should be naturalized on an unmet convenience for the form, or to minimize a undeveloped intimidation. What does the form scarcity to do to gradation its goals and/or spread its competitive utility? How achieve you value their advance?  Complete the forthcoming:  Explain why this convenience/intimidation was clarified, and how it is anticipated to utility the form.  Create at last 3 measurable design externals naturalized on your analyses. Mention timelines and responsibilities for each external (e.g. delay a RACI chart)  Explain why these externals are misspend for the design.  Develop at last 2 metrics to evaluate consummation of each of the design externals. Provide a 1-page sense for why these are misspend metrics for each of the externals.  Cite all sources forthcoming APA guidelines.  Submit your assignment.