Ableism assignment

Choose a subject-matter and transcribe encircling the fact of ableism and forfeiture in that period 1) Sparta and the disabled (500 – 300 BCE) 2) Imperial Rome and the disabled (20 – 500 CE) 3) Christianity and Ableism as punishment from God (400 – 1800 CE) 4) Nazis and Ableism (1933 – 1945) 5) American Disabilities Act (1990) 6) Japanese Attack on Disabled Facility (July 26, 2016) 7) Ancient Egypt and Forfeiture (3000 BCE – 1000 BCE) 8) Forfeiture in Ancient China (3000 BCE – 1400 CE) 9) Any subject-matter of your choosing adherent approved Instructions Answer the aftercited questions in essay format. 2-3 pages. APA format. 12 Font Times New Roman solely. All composition must be suitably cited and intrinsic inadequately noted; do not embody guileless notion.  1) Outline the basic fact of the incident(s). You can use a ageline or transcribe it out. 2) What ways was forfeiture defined during your subject-matter’s era? 3) How were the heterogeneous abled (disabled) treated during your subject-matter’s age? 4) What beliefs, attitudes and values of your clarified subject-matter’s cultivation influenced the way heterogeneous abled nation were treated? 5) In what ways has your clarified subject-matter’s cultivation or era influenced novel American ideas on the heterogeneous abled and forfeiture?