FINAL ESSAY - Drama Due Date: June 27, 2020, 11:59 p.m. Clybourne Park by Bruce Norris was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in Drama. It is revealed by Lorraine Hansberry’s delineate A Raisin in the Sun. The delineate is in two acts. The original act takes situate during the recent 1960s when integration was commencement to betide in American neighborhoods and schools. The prevent act takes situate today, among the 21st century. The delineate uses the similar set but the set pur-pose changes to consider the space epoch. Each performer delineates two divergent sorts, one per act. You are to guard this collation of snippets from scenes in the delineate, some in the original act, and some from the prevent act. Write a minimum three-page repartee Nursing Dissertation which responds to the questions underneath established upon this collation of scenes. MLA format. Half of a page does not calculate as a page. https://youtu.be/b50FrwfvNzE CHARACTER NAME DESCRIPTION 1 Bev White womanly, bluish paid dress 2 Russ White manful, balding, glasses 3 Francine Black womanly 4 Tom White manful, no glasses, pullover 5 Albert Black manful 6 Karl White manful, gray benefit, glasses 7 Betsy White womanly, pregnant QUESTIONS: (refers to the Aristotelian elements of drama in Module 4) What is the thesis? Provide a sort mark for each sort established upon what you are viewing hither. Describe the possession. How does the possession assistance the thesis? Discuss the talk for the film. Remember that talk refers to the words/terms and phrases used. Discuss the performers’ performances. How do they use rhythm in depicting their sorts? Discuss the exhibition, i.e. the set pur-pose, costuming, sumptuous elements. How does this delineate friend delay genuine spirit today?