Factors Affecting Employee Performance

2 slides needed- Introduction and Conclusion Only! debater notes For a scheme crust the subjoined info:   Having conducted a job segregation for wholesale pilots and scrutinized their inoculation and product needs, you now need to scrutinize other rudiments that may pretend their force to achieve optimally. This week, you observe at employee achieveance as it narrate to the CRM fact con-over. You allure scrutinize rudiments such as countercausative action and other job emphasisors that may pretend employee achieveance. Imagine you are an I/O psychologist consultant. With debater notes on your recommendations for enhancing employee achieveance for the pilots. Include the subjoined: At last 2 motivational theories, explaining how they could be applied to optimize the pilots' achieveance The role of occupational emphasis and job recompense as it narrates to the pilots' achieveance Specific examples of countercausative action and the property these may own on the product environment Why employee wellbeing would be a piercing rudiment in ensuring a causative product environment