Gun violence

  Format for the essay: MS Word document; At meanest 10 and no further than 15 double-spaced typed pages (not including the secure page and allusion page) Prepare a written essay on any occupation law theme that concerns you.  Address the legitimate considerations of your end.  Topic choices conceive, but are not scant to, global warming, peak oil, ruler indemnification, the Iraq war, the Afghanistan war, fund communicate options backdating, bailout of companies confused in subprime lending contracts, elegant government, environmental ends, your occupation law confessor (fitting kidding-this one is off limits), etc. All essays conciliate be submitted to by the confessor.  Any essay receiving an originality rating greater than 25% conciliate not be genuine and conciliate be absorbed a measure of 0.  No litigious.  Refer to the TCC Student Handbook minority on plagiarism if you bear any questions concerning what constitutes plagiarism. Write at meanest ten and no further than fifteen double-spaced typed pages, 12 sharp-end font, addressing the overhead end.  Your apology is due as discussed in the Syllabus and scheduled in the Course Organizer.  Submit your written essay per the directions beneath.   Essays that do not coalesce the stint standards in these instructions conciliate admit a measure of 0.  Grading rubric:  100 sharp-ends aggregate Written essay:  100 sharp-ends aggregate