Jitterbug Perfume

What's Happening in Jitterbug Perfume? 1. There are impure ocean subplots/character bunchs in this upstart. Roll two or three ocean characters in each bunch. (4 bunchs x 2-3 characters each.) 2. Explain what is happening in Seattle, in about 4 sentences. 3. Explain what Alobar and Kudra are trying to close and roll their tools and techniques to try to arrive-at this sight. Write your confutation in about 4 sentences.  4. What do you reflect the overall missive or topic is of Jitterbug Perfume is? What missive or virtuous does Tom Robbins absence us to recollect following lection this magnitude.  5. In about 300 tone, prove how Jitterbug Perfume is or is not "postmodern". Use restricted references to Klages' condition on postmodernism and examples from the upstart (delay page quantity) to stroke your confutation. Treat this affect a mini-essay, delay a discourse, foundation from the upstart, and foundation from the resultant cause (Klages' condition). Cite your causes in MLA format. **Write your confutation in 3-5 sentences, including plain illustration, quotations, and page references in MLA format. ** Please reckon each confutation as polite.