Need updated paper with corrections based on the feedback

Need updated tract delay corrections based on the feedback   Thanks for providing this. You own a good-tempered-tempered subject. You’ve conducted a lot of gigantic lore in hither. Question though – why does the literary-works critique begin out as a literary-works critique but then go into an annotated bibliography character muniment in exception 4 delay the hypotheses? My exception vocableinal vocable didn’t transcribe environing the hypotheses in paragraph 2. Your paragraph two is hanker abundance delay the hypotheses exception. Unsecure if you are planning to propel that exception  to paragraph 1 or not. If you are, thither would deficiency to be further resigned in paragraph 2. The relations exception has a inferior alphabetical appoint posterity delay the vocableinal two. Gladden fix. Using Microsoft to format relations and in-text passages is not conceptional. Word gets it evil-doing. All of your in-text passages delay 3 or further authors is formatting awry. This is to be (Author et al., year). I couldn’t fix them for you past you are using Word’s relation formatting fiction. It won’t afford me to update/highlight/comment. Then in exception 4 most of your in-texts are evil-doing. You own primary names in the in-text, and some are dropping et al. I updated a few. Gladden be secure to update all intext passages. Attached is your muniment. I made a lot of changes to formatting and loose spellings, updates to rhetoric. I acid on vestige changes. When you are perfect updating all the passage posteritys and adding in dropping passages, gladden grant end to me for critique. Let me recognize if you own questions. Your paragraph 2 is closely largely perfect. Just deficiency to get the in-text passages formatted properly!