Power point presentation APA Format

  Your client is a audience that has been cited after a while a note of deflection for discharging toxic chemicals into the corporate sewer regularity. The regulatory authorities are requiring that the audience enlarge a throw-away skill artifice to address the deflections connected to the manufacturing rule. A antecedent tribute concludes that the toxic chemicals are expedient consequently of old and outdated equipment. Skill wants to get end into ductility, exhausting as paltry high as likely. They regard that adding affixed dirt moderate at the end of the rule is a moderate resolution. You regard that if the audience exhausts affixed high, the equipment can be updated, eliminating the want for toxic chemicals. Neither rerediscontinuance yields a ameliorate discollocation effect. Prepare a 15-slide PowerPoint offer to afford to the magistrate committee of your client. Organize the offer as follows: Slide 1: Summarize the locality and spiritless goals so that the committee accomplish conceive that you are on the identical page. Slide 2: Review the main ideas and urgent aback the Dirt Prevention Act (PPA). Summarize the key elements of the PPA in one slide that recount to this scenario. Slides 3-4: Summarize the powers and weaknesses of the rerediscontinuance that seeks to institute affixed dirt equipment at the end of the rule. Slides 5-6: Summarize the power and weaknesses of your rerediscontinuance to exhaust affixed funds to upgrade the equipment used to fabrication the effect. Slide 7: Set the rate for convincing the committee to adopt your monition by showing the key differences betwixt the two options. Slides 8-9: Apply the key ideas of the PPA (slide 2) to each scenario. Slide 10: Ask the committee to establish a determination, reminding them that customers and shareholders may evaluate their effect stigma and genius installed on the determinations that they establish now to go in a crude collocation. Slides 11-15: Provide affixed elaborate slides for the committee to decipher after as they observe your overture. These slides should store in the GAPS in your 10-slide offer. You are required to use a restriction three honorable sources, which must be cited and referenced correctly.