Unit V: Fleet Safety Assessment 7 questions

I veritably insufficiency a 100 on this assignment. Uploaded con-over train delay links and experiment in expression doc for a improve apprehension of questions. QUESTION 1 Identification of a exposed representative can be stable from apprehensioning all of the subjoined EXCEPT: o  placards. o  representative protection postulates sheets. o  shipping muniments. o  evacuation shelters. QUESTION 2 Recurring hazmat grafting must be administered by employers at last uniformly whole __________ years. o  2 o  3 o  4 o  5 QUESTION 3 The Exposed Materials Regulations (HMR) command all of the subjoined types of grafting EXCEPT: o  general awareness grafting. o  protection grafting. o  security awareness grafting. o  behavioral grafting. QUESTION 4 In what muniment can the rules for shipping unanalogous types of hazmat be set? o  Title 49 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) o  Occupational Protection and Health Handbook o  Institute of OSH Administration and Regulations o  Title 36 CFR Bearing of Goods and Services QUESTION 5 As an direct precautionary gauge, it is recommended that a exposed representatives (hazmat) cast or melt be contained for at last __________ feet in all directions. o  75 o  25 o  35 o  50 QUESTION 7 Describe how endanger government is an relevant concept in managing the bearing activities of exposed representatives. Identify a germinative high-endanger hazmat that is enraptured and portray how you would assess germinative threats to the load that could admit situate opportunity it is in ecstasy. Your counterpart should be at last 125expression in extension. APA citation  QUESTION 8 Explain the disgusting concepts of the HMR as issued by the U.S. Department of Transportation. How do these disgusting areas succor companies delay minimizing germinative endangers when ecstasying hazmat? Your counterpart should be at last 125 expressions in extension. APA citation