Chronic Stable Angina

 Use APA 6th Edition Format and living your toil delay at last 3 peer-reviewed allusions delayin 5 years of notification. Remember that you insufficiency a overspread page and a allusion page. All portions insufficiency to be cited unexceptionably. Please use headers.  All responses must be in a truth format and each portion must entertain at last 4 sentences. Lastly, you must entertain at last 2 pages of pleased, no important than 4 pages, excluding overspread page and allusion page.    E.H. is a 45-year-old African American man who of-late moved to the brotherhood from another declare. He requests enjoyment of a command for a calcium implement blocker, imposed by a physician in the ancient declare. He is lazy and lives delay a mother, their son, and the mother’s 2 progeny. His gone-by medical narrative is noteworthy for asthma and six “heart attacks” that he claims occurred accordingly of a 25-year narrative of garbage use (chiefly cocaine). He declares that he used garbages as of-late as 2 weeks ago. He does not entertain any antecedent medical archives delay him. He claims that he has been having interrupted periods of chest disinclination. He is weak to fame the period or shape of the disinclination. Before process, study the aftercited questions: What elevate knowledge would you insufficiency to diagnose angina (substantiate your retort)? What is the junction among cocaine use and angina? Identify at last three tests that you would command to diagnose angina. Diagnosis: Angina 1. List particular goals of matter for E.H. 2. What dietary and lifestyle fluctuates should be recommended for this enduring? 3. What garbage therapy would you impose for E.H. and why? 4. How would you instructor for luck in E.H.? 5. Describe one or two garbage–garbage or garbage–food interactions for the chosen vicegerent. 6. List one or two preventive reactions for the chosen vicegerent that would account you to fluctuate therapy. 7. What would be the rare for the second-line therapy? 8. Discuss particular enduring command grounded on the imposed first-line therapy. 9. What over-the-counter and/or resource medications would be embezzle for E.H.?