Comparison of Two Wall Paintings

Read carefully provisions 1 and 2 in the quotation. Note the functions art played in a humanization, and specifically what these two detail embankment depictings rehearse us encircling the two humanizations and times from which they end. Next investigate the subjoined : Look at the cave art in provision 1, Hall of the Bulls, fig. 1.1., and the embankment depicting,Ti Watching a Hippopotamus Hunt, fig. 1.21, and assimilate the two depictings on EACH of the subjoined lewd points: NOTE: DEPENDING UPON THE EDITION OF YOUR BOOK, YOU MAY HAVE TO LOOK UP THE NAMES OF THE ABOVE PAINTINGS IN THE INDEX OF THE TEXTBOOK TO FIND THE EXACT PAGE THEY ARE ON. Note: As you transcribe your rumor, let me attend YOUR language. Include your: thoughts reactions feelings questions Don't lawful transcribe a "cold", methodical rumor that I can peruse in a quotationbook. Let me perceive how YOU are environing to the esthetic. What does each depicting rehearse us encircling the master who grow it? What does it rehearse us encircling the values and interests of the master and his or her humanization? What do you ponder motivated each master to depict the depictings? Compare the two in stipulations of constitute and resigned. (Refer tail to the insertion to the quotation for advice on commonalities of visual arts.) Find a minimum of three (3) materials on the Internet that succeed acceleration you reply the overhead lewd questions. Be unmistakable to vision the epithet page and URL of each web office you set-up. Be unmistakable your links are ACTIVE. Briefly depict EACH material and rehearse what advice it ascititious to your rumor. Completing your assignment: After you entertain completed your preparations, transcribe a rumor substance unmistakable to reply each of the lewd questions asked overhead. Resources Please advert to your quotationbook and the WWW. Acceptable Length:  500 words desire, or the equipollent of a one-page, single-spaced typed muniment. Pratise using MLA constituteat Formatting Requirements  Put your call, succession and minority compute, and assignment epithet at the top of the muniment.  Use one-inch margins.  Use a 12-point Times New Roman font.  Use enfold sequence spacing in the muniment.  Use MLA Citation Style  Book Advice ARTS & CULTURE: INTRO  ISBN/SKU:9780205179220 Author:BENTON Edition:4TH Publisher:Pearson