Food Diary and Descriptors

Record your living and beverage intake for 3 moderations age on the fast shuffle. You do not want to detect your liberal fare for a 3-day age, but apprehend ample to get a premise for argument, plain if you want to aimly sensibility a moderation or a custom to clear your willing externally revealing what you normally eat. [NOTE: the assignment for week one does ask that you chronicles, thus detect, all living consumed for the aim of the assignment.] Identify what you consumed and the total. Then add your own denomination for how you felt 30 minutes succeeding eating the livings/beverages. NOTE: If you accustomed advanced adit to the assort, foreclosure a preceding moderation and corrupt your argument on that.  Attach the Living Feeling Descriptors/Food Diary as the premise of your pristine shaft. Describe how you felt succeeding eating the livings. If you were mislaying categories of livings, i.e. dairy or result, do you price you would feel ameliorate if they were a  part of your daily intake? Remember that the pristine shaft wants to be 250 tidings