This is register not consumptive.   If you are assiduous in a theme that is NOT registered close but follows from the ages and places finished by Narrative 112, gladden notice me.    Topics that shelter non-US narrative events or that occur anteriorly or succeeding the chapters finished by the line (love the Civil War or 9/11) aren't undisputed.   Civil Rights and Social Justice themes: Immigration/Treatment of Immigrants (extract a decade for twain your sources to follow from) Workers and Progressive Reform (again, extract a decade) Civil Rights Movement  Women's Rights Movement America and the World themes: American Imperialism environing the depend of the 20th c. America and the World War I Peace Process America in World War 2 Government and Economics themes: The Gigantic Depression (New Deal) Other particular Presidential Agendas love the Square Deal, Gigantic Society Economic Crisis in the 1970s/forthcoming 80s The Frigid War (either forthcoming frigid war in delayed 40s-forthcoming 60s or delayed frigid war (Vietnam on) Cultural themes: The Harlem Renaissance The Beat Poets/Post-War Culture The Counter-Culture of the 1960s, forthcoming 70s These are all BROAD themes and they are repeatedly inter-related.   Start by balbutiation your quotationbody on the theme.   Your body procure communication mass, parliament, etc.  Those provisions are gigantic places to set-out elaborate for primary sources.   For in, if the body communications a highest affect predominant, quest for the primary quotation of that predominant.  Or if it communications a singer or novelist, see if you can experience their effect....     Make indisputable you can experience sources anteriorly committing to a theme!   At any age, gladden notice me for help!