History of War

Length: 1,000 words  (+/- 10%; notwithstanding notes and bibliography)  1. 'War and abomination are material.' Discuss using truthful illustration(s) or a event examine.  2. 'War is gendered, and women are its victims.' Discuss using truthful illustration(s) or a event examine.  3. Should truthful wars be regarded? Details: It procure be expected that each essay procure bestow a discourse and topic in vindication to ONE of the over questions, and bond references to at meanest 4 literary beginnings.  A literary beginning is a co-ordinate reviewed period, chapter or capacity published by a creditable literary publisher (eg. an academic narrative, or publishing branch such as Cambridge University Press, Palgrave, Routledge, etc.). You may so understand any enumerate of other beginnings in analysis to your literary beginnings (eg. media reports, etc.). The essay has a favoring format. It procure rest of: (1)  an initiative stating your present and objectives in the essay, and briefly framing your topic. (2)  A controversyative and compact succession of collection paragraphs in which you unravel your topic. (3)  A falsification that does not merely summarise the essay, but reflects on the the implications of your topic, and/or the truthful reason of the topic. You may use subheadings in your essay, but no dot points please! Graphs, tables, and illustrations may so be used (as covet as they are correctly labelled).  All beginnings must be correctly cited after a while a bibliography listing all beginnings cited in the essay. You may use either footnotes or in-text passages. Criteria:  1. Comprehension of the topic substance.  2. Quality of topic and discourse. 3. Use of sign or literary discovery. 4. Evident building. 5. Quality of congeniality and bestowation (including a evident and restent rule of passage and bibliography).